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Rat pest control: a case history

I had an enquiry this week concerning rats entering three properties which were all part of a row of terrace houses.

Following a full external survey, which included the drains, it was established that the rats were gaining entry to the building after burrowing down and gaining access to the drains, where the drain services joined the house. This is a common weak point on modern housing which rats exploit to gain entry.

Work has now been completed to proof the whole property with a total of 10 potential problem areas protected from future rat ingress.

White Horse Pest Control will always look into how rats and mice are entering your homes, and fix all possible entry points before using rodenticides so as to best protect the environment.

The following images show various points where rats had burrowed to gain access to drains, and a grill that was secured in place to stop their access at one of those entry points.


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