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West Berkshire Pest Control

White Horse Pest Control is based very near to West Berkshire, so we respond quickly to pest issues in this area.

If you have a pest problem, give us a call: 07780 434791.

West Berkshire pest control


West Berkshire pest control

Pest Control in West Berkshire

We are a family business, live in the area and offer a fast bespoke local service. We have a great deal of experience and are fully qualified to treat homes, commercial businesses and agricultural properties. If you have a pest problem, whether is rodents, insects or need specialist treatments for woodworm or bedbugs, for example, please get in touch.

West Berkshire is a mostly semi-rural area with several water courses running through it, including the Thames, Lambourn, Kennet, Pang and Bourne rivers. This can all equate to pests that enter your home or business.


We are now seeing problems with dormice (glis glis) entering homes, as well as the frequent damage caused by grey squirrels.

Pest solutions and prevention

Prevention is often better than cure. So we always advise our customers on preventative measures that they can take to counter future pest infestations. These include regular check ups and treatments (we offer service agreements), installing grills in drains and sewers to stop rodents entering your property and adding pigeon spikes to buildings to deter pigeons and other birds.

The main towns, and their surrounding areas, that we cover in West Berkshire are: Newbury, Thatcham, Pangbourne, Lambourn, Burghfield, Mortimer, Hermitage, Tilehurst, Theale, Purley-on-Thames and Calcot.



Dormouse (glis glis)


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