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Domestic Pest Control

Your home is the one place you should feel comfortable, so we understand the distress felt when unwanted pests appear in or around your property. Our domestic pest control service can deal with any of your problem pests, offering you a discreet professional service. White Horse Pest Control services Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, East Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.
Before we start any work, we conduct a site survey keeping you fully informed on what pest problems you have, and how we are able to solve them for you.

Domestic pest control UK


Domestic Pest Control

Pest Control for Your Home

Whilst it’s possible to treat certain pests using DIY methods, once pests get into your home it can be very difficult to completely eradicate them. A professional pest control service has the experience to not only treat the current problem, but to put measures in place to stop further infestations. This avoids damage from pests which can be costly – for example mice and rats can chew and damage electric cables.

We know where to treat, the correct and most efficient treatments for each type of pest, and how many treatments are necessary.

Why use a professional pest control service?

In the long run, it’s more cost effective to use a professional service. If you live in an older property, or one that’s located in the countryside or near water, or have livestock, we recommend a bespoke pest control contract to keep your pest control measures up-to-date and to keep pests away.


  • Preventative pest control is the best solution.

  • We advise on the best measures for your home.



Rats and mice

Clothes moths

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