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Agricultural Pest Control

Having grown up on farms, we understand the importance of agricultural pest control. You can trust our many years of farming and pest control experience. We offer pest control for stored crops and foodstuffs, from birds, rodents and insects, (among other services), all in accordance with crop assurance regulations on farms.

White Horse Pest Control offers pest and vermin control across West Berks, Oxon, Glos, Bucks and Wilts.

Agricultural pest control


Pest management for farms

We use best practice where rodenticides are used. Effective rodent control is vital where food production is concerned, but equally important is the protection of our wildlife, while maintaining food safety and high quality for consumers. We are certified by Think Wildlife.

As well as the eradication and prevention of rabbits, rats, mice and other pests, we can advise you on good housekeeping and storage methods to best prevent infestation from both rodents and insects.

We protect your stored food from insects such as beetles and weevils. We protect your livestock from flying insects. If you have problems with moles, deer or foxes, we can also help.

Before any work commences, we carry out COSHH and risk assessments, and later provide full written reports to add to your Pest Management Folder so you can maintain records.

Agricultural pest control UK

We offer a range of stand alone pest services, as well as yearly contracts to manage all agricultural pests.


We work in conjunction with all current legislation, including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Food and Environment Protection Act 1985, Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 and the Wild Mammal Protection Act 1996.

We also offer CCTV drain surveys, which is an ideal way to track rodents’ movements.


Squirrel control



Weevils & beetles


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